Acing the Interview in Style: Jewelry Tips for the Professionals

From the second you meet the interviewer, your body language and appearance tells the interviewer what type of worker you will be. Are you responsible? Are you efficient? Do you have excellent communication skills? Will you be a good fit to the company culture? While looks isn't everything and may not always be accurate, your appearance plays a huge role when the interviewer has limited time to assess your candidacy. A sloppy appearance that does not ring well with the company culture may make or break your shot at that job you've been wanting. Good news is, jewelry can be a great subtle way to communicate your personality. 

Because first impressions are everything when interviewing, I thought I share a few styling tips used from experience that may help you make the best first impression. 

My recipe for pulling the perfect look for that professional interview is very simple:

Keep it simple.
Keep it nice.
Do not be overly ornate.
The jewelry and accessories you opt to wear should complement your professional look, but not distract the interviewer. Are you trying to go for a business professional or business casual look? When picking jewelry and accessories, follow these tips: 
  • Select classic jewelry such as a basic cubic zirconia stud earrings that you can snatch up at Noellery below. Classic pieces always communicate sophistication. 


  • Try not to wear pieces that have political or religious affiliation. Also, be cautious of expensive blingy jewelry. You don't know the interviewer's background. 
  • Do not wear body jewelry with hanging chains or multiple piercings. This is especially true if it is a interview in a corporate setting. Rule of thumb in this environment is generally to err on the side of conservative when it comes to interviews.   
  • Try, if you can, not to stack both bracelets and rings. While I absolutely love stacking Noellery rings, I do not recommend wearing a bunch of stacked rings during an interview. Again, it's important to keep it simple. For the married ladies such as myself, wedding rings and bands are an exception. 
  • Last but not least, when it comes to necklaces avoid layering. While Noellery specializes in creating that sexy layered look, I do not recommend exhibiting this at a professional interview. If you are itching to wear a necklace, opt for a simple drop pendant necklace such as a classic pearl or bezeled cubic zirconia from Noellery.


Ladies, I seriously hope you will heed to my above advice to make that lasting impression. Best of luck! 

 xoxo, Juliet M. 

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