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Spring is coming to a close and we are sure most of you have summer plans desperately waiting to come out and get some fresh air. While it is rainy and muddy and gray as I am writing this, I can't help but think about the many frayed and woven vacation hats itching and waiting for me to wear all summer long. 

If you've ever watched the ABC's television series Revenge, you would know that the over-sized hats were looked down upon as they represented the antagonistic accessory for all of our favorite monsters, but we believe that it is our job to shift the ways that we view specific beautiful hats and turn them into more stylish items than they are evil. A wide brim hat can turn a dull beach outfit into a luxurious one for my people travelling on a budget (For example,  the one and only Blair from Gossip Girl). It not only keeps your entire face covered from the hot sun aching to give you sunburns, but is also a great way to spice up that outfit. After careful review of our summer hats, I've chosen four hats from our store that would suit and look amazing on all my summer enthusiastic folks.

1. Have you ever been to Casa Batllo in Barcelona? Or even spent a day at the Jersey Shore? This summer is all about treating ourselves and making the best out of what we have. My mother always told me how important it was to travel at least once a year, and I know our bank accounts may be screaming at our bad decisions, travelling doesn't always have to be abroad. To travel means to move, to make a journey out of anything that comes your way, and that could be kayaking down the Delaware River, or walking for hours around the city. While at it, remember that the sun is not always your best friend, so keep your skin moisturized and add the Veronica Hand Woven Hat to your travelling outfit. Not only is it lightweight, but it also covers enough of your face that you won't feel like Edward Cullen while walking outside.


2. One of my personal favorites is the Sarla hat. It not only embodies Coffee shop reading girl, but it looks great with the many maxi dresses I am planning on wearing this summer. It's big, comes in an array of muted colors and looks great with your summer outfit. Want to sit outside of Cafe Giotto in Montclair while sipping your favorite cappuccino? This is definitely the hat for you. It's for the ones who have a flare for the dramatics, yet is still the Meryl Streep to your Anne Hathaway. Read your favorite summer books, while staying extra safe under the heat that is soon to come!



3. Ever watched Cheetah Girls and wondered where Raven got the hat with the jean belt going around it? Probably not, but the early 2000s are making a major comeback. This hat is for the one into new trends, and not afraid with a little experimentation when it comes to their outfits. The Veronica Jean Belt Floppy Hat comes with an indigo washed denim blue belt around the classic frayed hat look, turning it into a new but old fashion inspo. Its perfect for my girls into the denim on denim look, or the ones that enjoy lots of pink with low rise flared jeans. 



4. The Cheena Floppy Hat is a perfect accessory for my girls who travel constantly and is looking for some inspiration for that next manuscript. Maybe you would love to wear it at Cafe De Flore in Paris, or a simple outing at Sauvage in Brooklyn. While this may be an overt description for a hat, how you feel in what you wear makes a huge difference. The laws of perception has taught us that making your bed in the morning makes us feel more productive, why not a hat? 

Featured model: Lauren Stoll @ginnyscloset.

xoxo, Noellery

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