Autumn Style in Noellery

Autumn has finally arrived bringing with it the cold crisp mornings, the changing colors of the leaves and of course, a new season of jewelry to decorate ourselves with. I have to admit that though I am a Summer baby, Autumn has my heart and what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with an Autumn styled lookbook located in Salem, MA. Every year in October, I travel to Salem and get immersed in the city's celebration of Halloween and forget about being an adult. I think everyone should go to Salem at least once in their lifetime.

I told Noel, the owner/creator of Noellery, that I wanted to collaborate with her and wear her beautiful pieces on my vacation and she excitedly agreed. Both Noel and I worked together and created these looks that I'll be posting and we hope you guys truly enjoy the versatility of these looks. We wanted to make sure we were able to create looks fit for all types of style to show that Noellery is made for all.

1. Bohemian Woman

The first look is a bohemian-inspired outfit that I love. This outfit is one of my favorites just because I love anything with a beret. What made this look pop out more, were the beautiful big pieces of jewelry that Noel styled around my outfit. The earrings and necklace, which can be dressed down or up, fit as if they were made to be worn with each other and the bracelet added a bright blue pop of color (and protection) to complement the orange body suit I wore. I'm not one to wear such big statement pieces of jewelry but I really loved this combo together. 


2. InstaGrung

This next look was definitely something I felt worked well while walking around in Salem. I call this look InstaGrung because a lot of this look was inspired by what I saw on Instagram except I added a crop top and some studded booties. I've never been good at styling my looks with jewelry, so it was a breath of fresh air to have Noel help. I would have never guessed to pair these items together but they worked so well with each other. I didn't want to hide the double drop earrings behind my hair so I decided to slick it back and I'm glad I did because they shaped my face in all the right places. I also loved wearing the simple studded choker which wasn't over the top but gave enough bling for my neck and matched my moto jacket. Having a big chunky ring like the one I wore was fun since I don't usually wear such big pieces. But my favorites of this look have to be the woven side bag and the blue & silver hamsa bracelet. I had a lot of people looking at this outfit and all the tiny details that went along to make this look what it was.  

3. Chic in the Street

There was one cold day when we were in Salem and I was so happy for it because I got to wear this outfit. I don't really know what my style truly is but this look has to be the furthest from what I would normally wear but I felt great in it. I'm not sure if it was because so many older women in Salem were asking me where I got my red tasseled earrings from or if it's because a random stranger wanted to take a photo with me because they confused me with someone else, but this look definitely was more comfy to wear. I saw where Noel was going with the jewelry and bag adding pops of color to my outfit. The tassel earrings and geometric necklace were a beautiful match and they both stood out so well with my monotoned look. I always thought adding too many colors would make an outfit look too busy or messy but this outfit proved me wrong. I think what truly made this outfit though was how the bag almost matched my jeans to the tee and also the cute gold wave ring that fit my finger so nicely.

Bonus look!

This look was saved by this camo hat-- and thank gosh for that! This outfit was my final look in Salem and I wanted more comfort than style for the long 5-hour ride. I paired the camo hat with my old combat boots, a 70s skirt, and a turtleneck crop top. All in all, I felt extremely stylish and happy to be able to bring in the new season wearing some amazing jewels from Noellery and taking some rad photos in Salem. Make memories as much as you can and be sure to always feel your best in whatever you wear!


xoxo, Jacklyn

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