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Bring in the New Year With Initial Jewelry

Ready to make 2018 YOUR year? Start with some jewelry that screams self love and proclamation. Own who you are, where you come from, and what you’re doing. When you’re feeling sexy and confident, the positivity radiates...making life easier for you and those around you. This is the perfect time to take a step back and do something for yourself for once. At Noellery, we want to help you celebrate yourself with some lux initial jewelry that is all about y-o-u for every day of the year.

Styling initial jewelry is a very personal experience, so we’ve made sure to keep everyone in mind when upping the stock for Noellery. Whether your aesthetic is feminine and dainty or loud and proud you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit.

My personal favorite is the initial pendant necklace made from sterling silver. The necklace is a simple everyday piece and it comes in silver and gold plated sterling silver varieties. The chain is very lightweight and rests just beneath the collarbone. The pendant is an adorable accent to any outfit from work to through the weekend; it adds just enough shine to bring a little life to your look. As an added bonus, Noellery has made these pendants customizable! You can add as many initial pendants as you want and create your very own necklace. Make one that encompasses your loved ones or spell out a word with meaning to you. Design a necklace that is something truly unique.

Since we’re on the topic of celebrating yourself….you know that calls for a few nights out with the girls…..Beyonce’s “Freekum Dress” jams in the background as you and your girlfriends strap on those sky high stilettos and search for the perfect statement piece to finish off the look. Our large sideways hanging initial necklace is just the thing. This necklace is big and bold and glam all over, helping you to make a real entrance no matter what the scene is.  As an added bonus it’s made from sterling silver, so it’ll last you for years to come. Choose gold or silver...or both!

If you’re the type of gal who likes to play things super lowkey maybe an initial jewelry dish is more your thing. A white porcelain dish with gold accents is the perfect accessory for the top of your dresser or the side of your desk. Keep all your precious trinkets in a catch all dish to keep your space looking clean and collected. The initial jewelry dish is also a great gift because let’s face it...most of us could use a little help in the organization department.


One of our initial favorites is the initial earring. Everyone loves these because they are the easiest thing to wear and you can mix and match! They are perfect for gifting too. I just got my second piercing so I’m all about earring styles right now. I love the idea of an initial earring paired with a small geometric set to make things interesting without being over the top.

No matter where life takes you this year, we hope at some point you’ll stop in to see us at Noellery... and don’t forget to keep in touch! Share your initial jewelry styles with us by using our hashtag #shopnoellery and you just might be featured on our page! We love to see how you rock our collection.

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