Bringing in the New Year With Celestial Noellery Jewelry

At the end of 2018, most of us began creating our little calendars of goals that we hopefully achieve in the new year. At Noellery, our motto is pretty simple: Buy jewelry that becomes a daily reminder of the achievements waiting for you to perform.

YOU are the actress in this story and your performance makes or breaks the ending. Cheesy we know, but it holds so much truth that something small and materialistic is the reason why we keep moving and living. For some of us, it’s anxiously awaiting for Avengers: Endgame, or the series finale of Game of Thrones (Which let’s be honest we are ALL excited to see). Or, it's even looking for new handbags, shoes, and jewelry from our favorite designers, boutiques, and artists.

We all at Noellery want you to carry a little piece of us throughout your journey of figuring out what will make 2019 the best year of your life, whether it’s through your career goals, travels, or finally getting that little gift for yourself that you had been wanting for years. We want to accompany you on this journey through that necklace, ring, earring, or bracelet.

From our wide range of jewelry, our pieces will stay with you throughout the year cheering you on and giving you a standing ovation with each of your achievements. Small or big, we all deserve some words of encouragement that keeps us going, whether it’s through families and friends, or through that necklace that rests just beneath your collarbone that became a constant reminder of all the goals you will achieve in the new year!

Here are some of our favorite pieces that we believe will keep you moving and winning all 2019:

Our layered moon and star necklace is simple enough for everyday wear. Features a dainty star and crescent moon that symbolizes reaching high and removing negativity from ones life. 

Starley Anklet. Our celestial mix of a moon, cloud, star, and lightning bolt will have your anklet shining! Step up your ankle game with us. 

Add sparkle to your ear with our shooting star crawler earring. Features a zig zag of stars aligned, that are paved with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. A shiny reminder to reach for the stars girl- reach for those stars!

Our simple moon and star ring symbolizes growth and light. Wrap this baby around your finger for an everyday reminder of positive energy. Available in gold, silver, or rose gold. 

Love stars? Search no more! Our featured Starley bracelet is aligned with 4 sparkling stars that are paved with cubic zirconia stones. Can be paired with other bracelets as it is sturdy and simple, but looks just as fabulous when worn on its own. 

Here’s to you this 2019. We are rooting for you, and we hope to be with you every step of the way.

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