Discovering What’s Hot in Jewelry and… Checking Out the British

As the winter melts away, what kind of jewelry style grabs your fancy? Subtle and chic or bold and vibrant? No matter what your style, Noellery has all the gorgeous classic or trendy items you need!

If you are looking for something new, anything with a Native American theme or geometric design is very “in” for 2017.

Charm necklaces or bracelets with a theme are also a great option.

If you are already into stacking rings, there is a new trend you will love… Pinky Rings! Even Katy Perry is in on it.

A big trend for the Spring is candy-colored gems and stones to create a vibrant look.

On a recent trip to the UK for the christening of my friend’s baby, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of jewelry women are wearing on the other side of the pond.

First of all, the English ladies love simple, understated jewelry styles. I saw many fancy gold chains, tasteful pearls, fancy scarves and barely there bracelets. For example, check out these guests at the church waiting for the service to begin. Of course the first thing you notice is the adorable bald babies! The next thing is: it isn’t a good idea to wear shiny accessories when holding a baby, better to accessorize with a scarf or lovely purse.

 Still, the Brits love their fancy hats and that is a statement on to itself! I met the beautiful Jules Scott at the christening and can you believe, I was the first to tell her she resembles Kim Catrall from Sex and the City?

Jules Scott went for a wide brimmed, tan hat, huge chunky pearls and a multi-strand pearl bracelet-- all of which you can pick up at Noellery. Not to be outdone, her daughter also looked chic and stylish.

Sparkling white teeth, shiny hair and freshly painted nails bring home this mother-daughter duos look. Of course the main event was the christening of my Godson Charles with his gorgeous mummy.

Charles was decked out in his finest white christening clothes with his Chanel clad Mom looking regal with diamond earrings. 

I hope I have given you some jewelry inspiration for your next shopping spree at Noellery! See you there.

xoxo, Sally J. 

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