Don't Take Away My Kitsch!

We are known for our sterling silver jewelry. But did you know we are more than just a jewelry store? We are an accessories store carrying products from simple to extravagant from stylish to kitsch from sparkly to super trendy and everything in between.

Today we want to talk about adding some flair, maybe even extra flair, and doing it with your accessories. Adding some fun to your wardrobe is important in many ways. First, to show your personality; second, to make a statement; and third, to brighten your day. Did you know that if you feel great because of your outfit, your accessories, and your hair you will actually feel better? Being an accessories store we want to make sure that you are able to add the right amount of pizzazz (juje, baubles, kitsch whatever!) and fun that shows who you are in the best way possible. So, whatever fun trend you want to embody on whatever level we can make it happen.

So if you love a good pineapple, we have got you covered with pineapple purses and cellphone wallets. Speaking of cellphone wallets we have them in old polka dots and solids too.

If you want to go a little more subtle you can go with beading on our super cute mini clutches that are perfect for the summer with their neon color against a tan/nude coloring. And show off your tassels with our cute crossbody.

If you like patches, but just can’t seem to buy a clothing item with patches (we are a little hesitant too), accessories are perfect! Our makeup big clutch is great to go out and shows you sassy style. And we also sell candy that would go perfectly with your fun finds.

If you are even more reserved get a cute pouch with a fun saying and even cuter image to go in your bag. Then you get to take it out and give yourself a little giggle. Be sure to check out our awesome totes that are perfect for the little carry pouch. Get striped for the summer with Noellery's spacious striped tote or go with a gorgeous solid color for a more seasonally versatile bag.  

Besides accessories we also sell beautiful soaps that will brighten any shower time from lavender, to lemon, to rose, and more.

We have jewelry holders in all shapes and sizes… think elephants. And for the Jersey Girl in all of us we show our pride with mugs, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, and more all available in our Hoboken store.    


So basically we are telling you to buy everything. Sometimes we walk in the store and have to walk about because we literally want everything. What we are really trying to tell you is that there is always a way to try a trend even if you don’t want to go crazy with it, you can still add a little sparkle, have a little fun, and add a little color to your day and your outfit. So get that pineapple purse, wear a little gold, and shine just a little brighter.  

xoxo, Jenna F. 

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