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Everything You Need to Know About Birthstone Jewelry

Did you know that certain gemstones are designated to each month of year? If no, why not learn about what these rocks (that are frequently chiseled into jewelry) are all about. Based on our research, here is a quick crash course on the significance of birthstone jewelry by month:

It turns out that the twelve gemstones correspond with the twelve zodiac signs which over time became linked with the twelve months. All over the world cultures made connections between the stones and interpreted ancient texts in different ways, which is the reason the birthstone lists vary from place to place. We decided to list all of the known birthstones for each month so that you can choose which stones calls to your liking. After all, the whole point of wearing your birthstone is to empower and embody your true you should choose what feels right! 


January’s birthstone is the garnet. Most consistently garnets are sold as red gemstones,but they can actually be found in a whole spectrum of colors...even green and blue! This is a very powerful stone, inducing a flow of positive energy.


The February birthstone is amethyst. The color of amethyst ranges from lavender to a deep purple. Amethyst is said to bring balance to one’s life.


The March birthstone is aquamarine, a stone I have always been drawn to because of its color. Aquamarine is the shade of a sunkissed tide, bringing one back to warm days at the beach. Not surprisingly, amethyst is thought to be a very calming gem.


April’s stone is diamond the most coveted gem in the entire world….while wearing it you will feel a sense of true power. The way a diamond catches the light is unchallenged.


Ladies born in May have an emerald birthstone. The royal hue of this gem has such a classic beauty to it. Emerald stones enhance creativity.


June has a few birthstones which include pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. You can pick whichever you are most drawn to. Pearls, formed by mollusks are said to be nurturing. Alexandrite is a bit daring, with colors of purple and green, and asks for change in one’s life. Moonstone is intriguing in its appearance, a starry white; it’s essence calls for new beginnings.  


The birthstone for the month of July is the ruby. Ruby’s can range from pinkish hues to fierce red. This is a stone meant for someone who knows how much of a queen she is.


August gals also have a choice when it comes to their birthstone. The birthstones assigned to August are peridot and sardonyx. Peridot has an olive tone to it, it’s mellow vibes will bring zen into your life. You can find different shades of peridot, with some almost resembling the emerald color.


September’s birthstone is sapphire, a guardian gem. Ward off all negativity with this bold blue crystal.


October has two birthstones: tourmaline and opal. If you’re not familiar with tourmaline, it’s a translucent magenta stone. Among its many healing properties, tourmaline is recognized as a stone which can aid in open mindedness. The other birthstone, opal, is a very unique stone. It’s body color is mainly white, pink or blue with overlaying specks that capture the light and rediate every band of color. Opal brings emotional peace.


November ladies are also lucky enough to have choice in the birthstone they wear. November babies identify with citrine. Sensibly, the warm golden pigment of the citrine crystal brings enlightenment into one’s life.


December embodies tanzanite, and turquoise, and topaz. Tanzanite is a beautiful blue violet. Turquoise is a fixed solid blue green stone. If you’re not feelin the icy hues the other birthstones have to offer, perhaps topaz is your thing. Topaz comes in an assortment of complexions, including my favorite...a captivating shade of champagne.

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