Gemstone Jewelry Gifts For Her

On the lookout for the perfect gift? Consider Noellery your gifting guru. This holiday season we’re harnessing all the good vibes with a selection of gorgeous gemstones. Each high quality stone gives off an aura all its own, so take your pick! Our favorites are labradorite, amazonite, and turquoise. What's yours?!

Labradorite Ring

Hold a piece of labradorite up to the light and you’ll notice it’s beautiful internal reflections. Disclaimer: This ring might spark some new year’s resolutions... In a metaphorical sense, this gem’s reflective qualities are a reminder to look into yourself and be self aware. This labradorite ring is the  perfect motivator for some soul searching and the perfect gift for every #WokeGirl !


Style tip: Never. take. It. off. This labradorite is a lovely neutral piece; as a ring it can be worn day and night on all occasions.

Amazonite Necklace

This is the perfect stone for a woman with some wanderlust. Amazonite was named after the Amazon River and it’s vibrant mint blue hue is astoundingly dreamy. If your work schedule doesn’t allot for a trip to the jungle you can at least get lost in the glimmer of your new favorite necklace.

Style Tip: The bright, minty glow of Amazonite can be a daunting color to style. You can play it safe and lay this necklace over a black or heather gray blouse, or dare to layer your Amazonite necklace over something fuchsia or navy blue.

Turquoise Earrings

    Turquoise is timeless and stunning. The bright, opaque blue makes these earrings hard to ignore. This gem never goes out of style; it’s actually been valued by civilizations throughout history all the way back to the ancient egyptian era.


Style Tip: We LOVE these earrings with a top knot bun, a plain white tee, and a killer sense of confidence!

xoxo, Darrian B. 

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