Hello Upper East Siders, Headbands are back!

While we may no longer sit on the Met steps after school because most, if not all, of us are all grown up and working our full time jobs, Blair Waldorf’s influence has stayed with me throughout the thirteen years since the first Gossip girl episode aired. If you were a dedicated fan like I was for six seasons straight, one of the staples was the love that Blair had for headbands. It was basically, if not literally, her brand. She wore them everyday and everyone followed suit. Were you an 'It Girl' if you weren’t caught wearing the yellow and blue Hermes headband? While 2019 began on a pretty nostalgic look at fashion, I never in a million years thought that headbands would make the comeback that they did, and to be honest, I am completely here for it.

Maybe I'm a bit nostalgic and always wanted to wear headbands to school like Blair, or maybe it’s because I was way too young to be watching Gossip girl in my ripe age of eight and now want to live my dreams of being a Manhattan elite, but headbands coming back is the best thing to happen to me. Here at Noellery, we not only stay on trend but we want to make sure that you feel the same amount of excitement and joy when accessories such as headbands make a comeback in the present.  With that being said, here are my top four headband looks for the summer (if not the year):

1. The Pearl Knotted Headband

A key accessory that’s not only perfect for a picnic outing, but makes your outfit look put together and classy.

2.  Crystal Knot Headband (preferably multi)

 Yes there is a knot in all of these headbands, but it's because the voice of Blair within me would not approve unless there was a little dimension to every one I chose. This look  is great for a coffee run or brunch with friends.

3. Bee Striped Knot Headband

Now this particular one not only screams Waldorf, but it’s perfect for someone who’s not only ready to scheme, but knows their worth and doesn’t take no for an answer. Its for the boss in all of us.


And last but not least Pearl hair clips. Okay, yes this is not a headband BUT it deserves love and it can spice up your hair for any event. Have a wedding to go to? Pearl hair clips. Dinner with friends? Pearl hair clips. A versatile item with multi uses that deserve all the love.


While Gossip Girl is no longer with us, and all we can do is watch reruns of our favorite Upper East Siders, let's live out our dreams this summer and wear the most powerful tool that existed throughout the entire show. Headbands. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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