Hostess Gifts of Noellery for the Holidays & Beyond

Hi gorgeous blog readers, this is Sally with a follow up to my holiday office parties blog theme. If you read my last blog post, it was about how to dress appropriately for holiday parties and how you can accessorize with the latest and greatest items from Noellery.

The next must know topic is about what to bring a host or hostess when attending their holiday shindig. I went ahead and interviewed some reputable ladies of the Upper East Side of Manhattan to uncover what gifts they love to receive, what they bring, and what they would never like to see again.

The first person I interviewed was a friend who also walks her dog around the Great Lawn of Central Park every morning. She says she does not want to receive plants or flowers and would prefer scarves, jewelry, or a candle instead.


In terms of gifting, red wine or chocolate is her go to. She mentioned what turned out to be a common theme for NYC women: no household doodads thank you very much. In NYC, we live in smaller spaces, so no one wants a massive amount of household items that take up space. My friend also mentioned that over the years she has acquired so many unwelcome gifts that she has a huge bag for re-gifting! This is always an economical solution, just be careful to remove all tags 😊.

Next up, a married mother of three and frequent hostess, mentioned that she likes flowers or plants but to be wary of bringing these to a sit-down dinner party. She wisely commented that bringing flowers adds a disruption as the host/hostess must go find a vase.

In terms of what she wants? She says she would love if a guest brought her something just for herself, like a faux fur scarf or beautiful pouch that can be picked up at Noellery.


Candles are also lovely as they can add décor to a coffee table even if they aren’t lit. What does she bring to other people’s parties? Liquor! I can attest to this because she always gives me large bottles of booze for the holidays.

The next lady on my list of interviewees says no to flowers! She says that if she is hosting a party she will already have bought flowers and doesn’t need anymore. She enjoys giving and receiving wine but prefers people not to bring any kind of jewelry or scarf type items. I’m sure we all have a friend who is very particular about her style and it would be a nightmare trying to guess what pattern or design she wants. So, what can you bring this friend? She mentions picture frames are lovely but not if they are real silver since no one has time to polish these anymore.

Also, coffee table books from the Metropolitan Museum of Art are quite welcome. In terms of boxed soaps, just say no. This lady says that pretty bottles of soap and moisturizer side by side are the way to go as everyone uses these and they are less messy. In terms of candles, she notes that some can have unhealthy fumes, so it is best to err on the side of caution and bring the non-toxic kind no one has to worry about. Noellery has an assortment of seasonal candles in store that would make perfect hostess gifts as well.  


Personalization is a big part of bringing your host or hostess the perfect gift. For example, the founder of Noellery, Noel, knows I love pets. She always brings me a cute book, clutch, or accessory with cats or dogs on it. The thought is what makes these types of gifts memorable. 


Another way to personalize your gift is to gift monogram coasters, cocktail napkins or an initial necklace.


Noellery sells some gorgeous and tasteful initial necklaces, as well as in-house designed wall art that make attractive hostess gifts.

So, as you flit around from party to party, make sure you don't come empty-handed. You can avoid adding to the regifting pile by planning ahead and stopping by Noellery for that perfect hostess gift!

xoxo, Sally J.

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