How to be Sustainable all Summer

Some of the questions on our minds have been about sustainability. While some of you may scoff at the idea of it, and possibly don't ever want to see yourselves in a thrift store (understandable), here at Noellery we believe in the power of sustainable living and making sure the products we use are not only sustainable, but also ethical and help out local communities. While Jersey City has only gotten rid of plastic shopping bags, we want to take it a step further and show all of you the small ways that you can be sustainable without breaking the bank by only buying Urban and Levi’s jeans, while also not having to thrift for those who hate the idea of it.

One great way is using organic soaps, lipsticks, etc. instead of buying the cheap ones from Target. We sell amazing handmade organic soaps with different properties that last and are perfect for those of you trying to find alternate routes when it comes to everyday shopping.

Ever bought BIC pens in bulks because they’re cheaper and plastic, yet run out of ink extremely fast? We recommend using metal pens instead, or using ones that are reusable by switching the ink. While it may be a bit more pricey, it is a great way of saving your planet without a too big of a sacrifice.

While we love a good smelling home, do you ever find yourself buying four dollar candles that burn a little too fast for your liking? That's because most candle companies want you to keep buying the same products over again! While we love a good smelling candle, they can be extremely unhealthy for the planet. We recommend buying either essential oils for an electronic diffuser, or for those of us with pets, sustainable candles that not only smell good but is helping save our planet one day at a time.

We only have one, so let's keep her as clean and as healthy as possible!

xoxo, Noellery

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