How to Wear Your Updated 90s Chokers

When chokers came back into fashion I held off as I normally do with trends. I said, "Why would I want to wear that, I already did when I was a kid?" But then, one day when I walked into Noellery. I saw the owner layer her necklace (2) with a choker and knew I had to join this fashion trend. I do have some from when I was a preteen in the 90s and went on a mission to find them at my parents house. One is a stretchy woven necklace with a dangly heart and the other is a blue sateen with beaded flowers. However, I needed an update.

The Noellery team is great at coming up with ideas and challenging their customers to think outside the box when it comes to pairing jewelry, and chokers definitely fit that category.

What is perfect about chokers is that they are a great winter accessory. In the winter I like to layer when I dress because you never know what sauna or tundra you will be walking into (ie. at work, a bar, etc). I am also a big t-shirt and v-neck wearer so chokers are perfect. And if you are a scarf wearer, like me, they are a little surprise underneath the scarf. 

So, we have decided to show you how to wear chokers whether to work, out with the ladies, or to add a funky edge to your Valentine's Day outfit. Check out Noellery's styling below and let us know how you wear your chokers. 

In the 1st photo we have 3 different options on 3 different models (from left to right):

1. We did a velvet band with a gold circle and a hamsa/evil eye necklace layered. This model had a grey dress with a black vest over so black and gold was a good contrast. 

2. Next, we did a crystal necklace to complement the classy styling of the white oversized structured blouse.

3. Finally, who doesn't love a good pom pom? At Noellery, they have super fun pom pom hats and pom pom velvet shoes are so on trend right now.  This model has black on as well and the tan pom really popped against her clothes and skin. 


In the 2nd photo we have our layered wrap rope necklace. It is super easy to put on and it is all of the fun of layering necklaces in 1 piece. You can make it longer or shorter or even looser if you wanted. It is paired with a dark green v-neck blouse, but if you are more of a turtleneck person that would look super cute as well. 

Below are a few articles to checkout for more details on the latest choker craze. 

90s fashion trends updated:

4 ways Elle Magazine wears their chokers:

*Photos provided by Love Your Light Photos. 

xoxo, Jenna F. 

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