Jewelry Styles: What to Wear to a Casual or Political Affair

Hi friends it's Sally again, back to tell you all about the hottest trends in jewelry and ways to wear them for work and play. Noellery always follows the latest trends, and if you are fortunate enough to live in Jersey City or Hoboken, it is super easy to drop by the store and find what you need in person. Noellery stores are always located next to public transportation, or you can shop online 24 hours a day.

First, I want to tell you about what styles are hot and what women in NYC and NJ are currently wearing. Having a friend like Noel makes looking stylish a cinch. Below you can see that I am wearing a bright red necklace made of tiny, sparkly, caviar stones.

This piece is so beautiful and appropriate for adding a dash of color to any outfit. Knowing I was meeting a group of girlfriends later for dinner, I wore this necklace to work and later removed my black blazer to instantly look ready for wine and gossip. This gorgeous necklace adds just the right pop for a night out with the ladies (and I did get a lot of compliments).

Next up are these amazing mixed metal bracelets that Noel confirms are very popular to stack on your wrist or gift to girlfriends.

These bracelets come in gold, silver, or rose gold with a hook closure and engraved message on the base. Mine say: “Soul Sisters” and “Let it Go”. You can buy some for yourself and for a special friend. These are delicate bracelets and I wore them in the photo above to a local upscale restaurant. As you can see, I also wore my favorite Noellery necklace in light mesh gold with sparkly little crystal beads that flash in the candlelight. The adjustable closure is perfect for tailoring the length to match the neckline.

Next on the agenda, I went to a political fundraiser to support Macdella Cooper’s campaign for President of Liberia. The event was held at the posh Upper East Side home of Roys and Donna Poyiadjis.

I knew it was going to be a fancy event so I chose this figure flattering cocktail dress and accessorized with my fanciest necklace, a mixture of pearls and little diamond bows. The necklace is a classic piece I received from my more fashionable sister a few Christmases ago. It's just shiny, sparkly and I wore it with my large pearl earrings topped with a small diamond--- all of which are available at Noellery. Next to me is the beautiful MacDella Cooper, Presidential hopeful, wearing a stunning embroidered traditional Liberian dress. As a former model, MacDella always looks amazing but it is her passion for bringing necessary resources to the country of Liberia that really stood out that evening.

You may think I’m done socializing, but not quite yet. I also hosted a baby shower for my friend Lynn Harrison who is due in May. The event was held at noon and 40 women arrived to celebrate Lynn. Of course I couldn’t help but notice the accessories my friends wore.

The ever stylish Sarah Hering is shown below wearing two of the latest trends in jewelry. A gold lariat necklace and thread wrapped drop ball earrings.

The gold lariat Noellery necklace is simple and elegant, perfect for adding a tasteful hint of gold to any outfit. She is also wearing some very hot earrings, these lightweight drop ball earrings are fun and a lovely way to emphasize a pretty jawline. Noellery carries the party ball earrings in almost every color possible: black, the featured creamy white color, blue, and blush pink just to name a few. 

Next is my friend Christina Youry who always has an impressive, well-thought-out style. For a noon party full of women she wore classic black pants and a cashmere sweater, accessorizing with a faux fur wrap and a very shiny statement necklace.

This gold and diamond necklace makes an impact and is great for dressing up a casual party look or fancy event. I appreciate my friends sharing their styles for my blog. Here they are below modeling their looks.

Until next time!
xoxo, Sally J.
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