Kentucky Derby Style 2018

The Kentucky Derby is a historical sporting event that draws in crowds from all over the country. Originating in the year 1875, the derby is nothing new, but with every passing year, the excitement is still as rich as ever....and the fashion only gets better with time. For many, the first thing that comes to mind when they think Kentucky Derby fashion is the hats. Oversized and glamorous, the embellished top pieces take center stage...but truth is they are just the starting point for your derby ensemble. Noellery has everything you need to pull a look together for this year’s derby on May 5th.

“It” Colors

Spring 2018 is all about muted pastels and fluid color schemes...perfect for the classic, simple southern belle. The key here is to keep it cohesive, so you don't want to get too crazy with your jewelry. For this type of outfit, add any of our sterling silver necklaces for that hint of sparkle. These hit slightly below the collarbone and the charms rest on thin chains, an absolute necessity to your sultry subtle outfit. In this featured look we narrowed down a few pieces you can incorporate into your derby day affair.



Fabric of Choice

Tulle is also super in this year and you can incorporate it anywhere throughout your look. We really like the idea of matching a little bit of this luxe fabric in the bow of your hat with a knee length skirt. Tulle really stands out, so it’s important to make this the focus of your look. It’s also a high volume textile; in order to maintain balance in your outfit, break it up with slimmer fitting clothes. For example. A fanned out tulle skirt should be worn with a slim fitted or cropped blouse.  You can compliment your statement piece with more clean cut, solid accessories. 


Noellery’s Pick

Race for the roses in a sassy set of red and black! We love a look like this one polished with bits of silver. Try a simple necklace, hoop earrings, and a statement ring. If you’re feeling frisky take it up a notch with some hematite gems (one of our absolute faves this year)! This last set is very versatile. You could easily wear the whole thing again on a night out over the summer and the Hematite crawlers can be used as an everyday piece...and you’ll remember the Derby every time you wear them! At Noellery we’re all about jewelry with memory and meaning...make this Kentucky Derby count from head to toe! 



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