March Favorites: Opals

When people come into the store asking for gift suggestions, one of our favorite items to go to are opals. Opals are a natural gemstone that are known for their rainbow-like qualities. Opals are considered an emotional stone that are generally associated with love and introspection. Each specific color of every opals have their own meanings behind them. At Noellery, we sell a variety of opal jewelry in blue and white.

Blue opals:

  • spiritual healing, bringer of inner peace and a confidence booster 
  • help improve communication and insight
  • a good stone for those who want to improve themselves

White opals:

  • a bringer of good luck
  • properties to improve chances of love
  • improve emotional stability  

Opals are valuable stones, are simple in appearance, yet deep in meaning. Let someone know how much color they bring into your life with our opal collection!  

xoxo, Noellery 


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