Spring Festival Jewelry Lookbook

Spring is finally here-- or at least for that one Saturday we had a few days ago. But that means festival season has arrived! Personally, this season is my favorite because of the brightly colored outfits and flowers that have started to bloom.

I get it, it's not really feeling like Spring here on the East Coast but that's why we're throwing this post together to help you make it through these last few remaining days of this persistent cold weather. The first outfit is inspired by the old bohemian vibe that is slowly making a comeback this festival season. 

I paired my red outfit (from American Eagle) with Noellery jewelry and accessories to amp up the look. This beach hat that says "Hello Sunshine" is perfect for festivals because it's cute, fashionable, and protects you from the sun. Remember ladies & gents, sunscreen is a must to keep yourself safe but wearing a hat is double the safety and that's better than none.

You can get this cute hat both in store and online.

My cascading gold, blue, and ruby red Noellery necklace REALLY brought my outfit together. It was dainty and gave off playful festive vibes. How can you not love the color combination on this necklace!?

The next piece of Noellery that I love, are these beautiful dangling, ruby red crystal tassel earrings. Not only were they perfect in color to match my outfit, but they also shaped my face perfectly since my hair was up in braids. Find them in store or shop something similar to these online.

The last Noellery piece is this beautiful gold, circular three-layered cuff. A simple yet elegant piece that didn't overpower my body and meshed well with all of the other individual pieces. This outfit speaks to the comfortable festival seeker, like me, who wants to enjoy the music and celebration but not feel overwhelmed. Check out this similar bangle that would make your outfit festival ready, here.

This next outfit is for the person who wants to wear darker colors to festivals and still feel comfortable and stylish.

This outfit is also from American Eagle and it gives me a beachy vibe but I also can see this being rocked at an outdoor festival. Note: All of my accessories, except for the hat, are from Noellery. I think it makes our jobs as fashionistas, so much easier when you have a store that offers many different types of jewelry to fit different events---and Noellery is no stranger to having it all.

This totally adorable plant green bucket bag is perfect for picnics, beaches and partying on a lawn listening to your favorite bands rocking out. I found another awesome tote online from Noellery that I think is also festival inspired here.

If you're like me, hoop earrings are a blast from the past and a jewelry piece that is very popular during festival season. The endless gold hoop earrings I'm wearing with this outfit can be found here.

My all time favorite jewelry piece from this outfit has to be my necklace, I mean look at that detail! You can find this beautiful circular gold tiered chain at Noellery in store and these simple three-pieced gold bracelet set too. And if you're inspired by this look, peruse their online collection and tag us in your festival pictures. We love to see our beautiful customers rocking our pieces! 

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