Statement Earrings Who?

Let’s be real. This summer has started out hot, sticky and rainy, and to be honest unbearable. So how exactly have we been dealing with this unforgiving heat?


Materialistic? Absolutely, but how many of us can confidently say that buying some new shoes or taking ourselves out for drinks haven't completely been for selfish yet needed reasons. Why feel guilty about things that make you a thousand times happier? At Noellery we value putting your happiness first, especially when it's one hundred degrees outdoors and all you would like to do is go to the beach. Some of us go out with our families and enjoy a weekend in the Hamptons or Fiji looking great and enjoying life as we should, and some of us prefer a quiet beach day alone while reading the new Gilian Flynn novel. Below are seven pair of statement earrings that we believe should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

  1.  Fruit Galore:

While trends shift every year, fruit accessories have been around since before I was born (trust me I’m not that old). Spice up your summer outfits with some tropical fruits. Not only are they versatile but they’re perfect for everyday wear!

  1. Pearl Statement Earrings:

Looking for a classy yet dramatic look? Pearls will never fail. This piece is not only stunning and beautifully big on, it is also perfect to pair up with your favorite cocktail dress for that summer night dinner party.

  1. Glitter Hoops:

Can anything go wrong with hoops? No. Then why not add glitter? This spectacular piece is perfect for a casual picnic outing with friends. Maybe sip some wine while eating cheese while you’re at it.


  1. Flower or Heart Statement Earrings:
Remember that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audrey sips coffee right outside her favorite jewelry store? Well think of that but you’re pining after that book you’ve been dying to read. These two earrings are not only beautifully classic they hold a certain amount of charm to pair up with that flowy nude pink dress that’s been sitting in the closet for eons.

     5. Kira Statement Earrings/ Reisa Tortoise thick square hoops

Nothing better than going to festivals all summer long. These earrings are perfect for the ones who enjoy a little outing every now and then. You are meant to stand out. So show everyone what they’ve been missing. Enjoy this sweaty summer while you can. It won’t last forever.

xoxo, Noellery


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