Summer Style Inspiration: Quogue Adventures

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all having a fabulous, accessory-filled, summer! For a lot of us in the NY/NJ area, summer weekends are meant for beach, sports, and social events. If you are fortunate to escape the office and head to an ocean community, I have some exciting new jewelry and accessory finds you can pick up at Noellery!

For 4th of July weekend, I went to a party at the Quogue Field Club which includes games for kids, cocktails, a marching band and fireworks. This year I planned ahead and knew I was going to wear a cute red, white and blue dress I had picked up for a discount in the juniors section of a shopping mall. Don’t judge, who doesn’t love a discount! In order to look more conservative, I threw on a Noelllery infinity scarf with an American flag theme to cover my bust and add even more personality to my outfit. For your viewing pleasure you can see my outfit below:

As you can see, I wasn’t the only person dressing with holiday spirit. The man in the picture told me he also had matching pants!

Any and every event is a great time to experiment with chic earrings, necklaces, and accessories. Friend and author Cristina Alger was looking especially lovely with baby Owen during the party:

Check out Cristina’s awesome summer tan and elegant v-neck top with those red fringe earrings you can pick up at Noellery. If you are interested in adding statement earrings to your ensemble, stop by Noellery to browse all of the fun options.

Another beautiful young mother, Tracy Young, showed off her Independence Day style:

Tracy and I had been walking on the beach about half an hour prior to this party, she with her little baby boy and me with my dog. What a dramatic, classy look she pulled together in no time! A summery embroidered blue top with a classic chunky gold watch, red fringe earrings, and a delicate gold chain necklace.

Coming up next, we have my effortlessly chic at all times friend, Anne Wadelton, who wore a Diane Von Furstenberg favorite dress:

Here she pairs her red and white dress with a wide silver hammered metal cuff and gold studded starfish earrings. If you are trying to find similar looks for your upcoming party you can stop by Noellery in person or online to find the same accessories that will really bring your outfit home!

Also, I can’t help but add another picture of Anne from this past weekend of Karaoke night at the Quogue Field Club:

In the picture above, Anne is wearing another adorable dress with a gold lattice, wide bracelet, large tear drop dangly earrings, and a gold charm necklace. She also has her cream colored crossbody leather handbag which perfectly accessorizes her ensemble.

Prizes were awarded at the end, and the winner of the best female solo was Lisa Rassic who kept her accessories simple with basic gold hoop earrings and gold bangles.

Of course summer karaoke night ends, as they all do, with a drunken tangle of people loudly singing their hearts out.

Stay tuned, and I will be back with a follow-up blog shortly showing even more fashion and jewellery finds from your #1 shopping destination: Noellery!

xoxo, Sally J.

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