Valentine’s Jewelry Gifts for Everyone (Including Yourself)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it is the perfect time to choose what to get the special someone in your life. With the multitude of options available at Noellery, you can drop by anytime online or in-store to get your main squeeze something he or she will treasure. In that spirit, I have put together this gift guide for the lovers and all the single people looking for love:

1. Quick Poll! What is the most popular jewelry search online after engagement rings? Never mind, I will tell you. It is: diamond earrings followed by gold necklaces and charm bracelets. If you are looking to play it safe and follow the classics, any of the above gifts will be perfect for the lady in your life.

2. Gifting with precision. A thoughtful gift is one that takes into account the specific style of the giftee. For example, my mother says she loves antique jewelry in turquoise and gold. My Aunt Susi says she likes dangly earrings and my little sister says she prefers fancy accessories to jazz up her outfits. Lucky for you, all of these items can be found at Noellery.

3. Let’s not forget the men! Men also like to accessorize and personalize their look. Gold chains, novelty cuff links and leather bracelets are awesome presents to give your honey bear.

4. Now it is time to address the Single Ladies! Woo. As a solo woman myself, there is no reason to stay home on Valentine’s Day when there is fun to be had. For a date or a party I love going big and bright!

The picture above is from a recent date where I wanted to catch his attention with some sparkle. My date asked me out to play ping-pong on a Saturday night which of course I love and am very good at. While an active, evening date doesn’t necessarily warrant tons of jewelry, this is NYC and the ping pong here is played in lounge type settings. Looking into my jewelry box I selected my favorite bracelet from Noellery, a stretchy, sparkly bracelet that always garners tons of compliments.

Starting off with the bracelet, I now had a theme so went with an elegant gold and sparkly chain necklace to bring out my hint of décolletage. I purchased the necklace back in December at Noellery while shopping for presents to give my two sisters. It is a very original design, kind of a filigree, barely there weight which packs a boom with the shiny crystals. 

As you can see, my outfit is quite casual with a blue Banana Republic wrap shirt, straight leg jeans and Cole Haan ballet flats. For earrings I decided on pearls with a tiny crystal to compliment the earrings and bracelet.

So, was this a winning combination for the date? Well, I beat him in ping pong (3 times) but haven’t heard from him since. And frankly, who cares? I looked hot doing it!!

4. Gifts for Yourself!! Wondering what to wear for your smoking hot Valentine’s Day date? If you've been in a relationship for a long time it is nice to mix the special, sentimental items with a flash of modern. The special gold necklace you have always treasured along with some trendy earrings or rings you pick up at Noellery.


You can’t go wrong with heart shaped jewelry on Valentine’s Day, whether that is a delicate heart or a more exaggerated piece.


Also, dinner by candlelight can be the perfect time to add some sparkle! You can pick up the best smelling scented candles at Noellery. Island pineapple, tangerine guava, and cilantro citrus are 3 of my favorite that seriously smell like heaven. 

Gifts don’t have to break the bank! Another reason I love shopping at Noellery is because I can get the same gorgeous, trendy styles sold at J. Crew, David Yurman and Tiffany’s for a lot less. Isn’t being smart beautiful!?


xoxo, Sally J. 

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