Valentine's Day 2020 Shopping Guide

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away! With the beginning of a new decade, many people are taking the opportunity to take chances and establish new bonds with others. So Valentine's Day is the perfect time to take the next step in your relationship.  

Whether you are looking for a gift to confess your feelings or show your appreciation to someone, Noellery is here to help! These handpicked items chosen by our staff will be able to help you find the perfect gift, while keeping our options diverse and trendy.

  1. Rose Gold - Our rose gold jewelry is dainty and playful for the person who views life through rose-colored glasses. No matter the age, rose gold jewelry is a good compliment to silver and can be mixed and matched to your heart's desire!  

  1. Heart & Love - Heart and love designs are good for those in young love. Hearts in particular are a safe and simple option to give to a significant other in a newly formed relationship. Is your relationship becoming serious? What's better than saying 'I love you' with the perfect love necklace that spells it out! Our cursive 'love' necklace is a simple, yet classy accessory that can be easily layered with any of your favorite necklaces.

  1. Promise Ring - Great for those who have been with their significant other for a long period of time. It is the perfect gift to represent your affection that is difficult to find when your love is so strong. A promise ring is a great way to express your undying love while keeping it fashionable and dainty! 
Tip: Not into dainty? Stacking your rings can create a statement effect and can completely change your look!
Not all of us are the romantic type and find power in independence. For those who are single or not looking for a relationship, promise rings are a reminder for yourself that you are important and are deserving of love and care. 
  1. Blanket Scarf & Candle - When you meet the right person, the smallest gesture can mean the most. If your significant other is the type to prefer a quiet evening in rather than going out to a restaurant, the combination of a blanket scarf and candle is a thoughtful choice. Just turn on a movie and light one of our candles. Wrap a blanket scarf around your body and bring out the popcorn for a comfy and cozy evening!  

  1. Self Care - Everyone should be able to treat themselves to spa day, no matter who you are! Our assortment of goods ranging from handmade organic soaps to face masks and oils are a great gift for those who strongly deserve some extra self-care.  

Tip: Buy in sets so you can have a spa day together with your loved one(s)!

Valentine's Day is not only just about romance; it is a day to express your love and appreciation to those that have made a positive impact on your life. Even those who are not in a relationship or looking for romance can spend the day showing love towards themselves. Remember to love yourself just as much as you love others!  

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