Valentine's Day Shopping Guide

It’s that time of the year again where all of our friends with significant others go on a frenzy trying to find the perfect Valentine’s day gift for their partners...or the new bae they could not stop bragging about for the past month.

We know how hard it is trying to find the perfect gift for your significant other (s) and we are here to help! Whether you just want to show some appreciation to the people you love, or spend some time with your partner, Valentine’s Day, albeit capitalism at work, gives us a day to truly appreciate the year that is soon to come with our loved ones.

This year, we at Noellery challenge you to shop for Valentine’s Day, for your lover, best friend, sister, or just someone who means the world to you. (even better if it’s multiple!) It’s important to know that Valentine’s day can be more than just a lovers holiday. It can be a day to celebrate your friends and family and their accomplishments. So much happens throughout the previous years, and although we use New Years Day as a way to begin with a clean slate, it is still important to celebrate the hardships it took to get there.  

We know how hard the start of a new year can be, but we want to defy how we have celebrated this holiday in the past centuries. Valentine’s Day can be that perfect time to celebrate those who mean the most to you.

With the help of some of our favorite items picked by our staff members, we have compiled a list of gifts that we believe your person will love!

1. Organic Soaps- For the self-care advocate. Strawberry, lavender, and milk & honey bar soap infused with the most amazing aroma will have her swooning.  

2.Tassel Earrings & Candy Colored gems- For the trendy one who craves a little color.

3. Quirky socks- For that quirky lovable friend.

4. Tote bag- For the working one that carries around books, laptop, or just about everything to get through her day.

5. Secure Crossbody Bag- For the one who loves to travel and likes to keep her essentials nearby.


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