Style File: Shopping for a Cherry Bombe Jubilee & Date Night

Dear loyal Noellery fans, I am back to tell you more about what you will find in-store and online this month at the number 1 place to satisfy all your accessory and gifting needs.

On a recent trip to the Noellery store in Jersey City, I was amazed to see the variety of jewelry, gifts and accessories available for purchase. The store is chock full of gorgeous items and it is impossible not to find something to fit anyone’s taste. Below is a sampling of the items on display:

Statement necklaces with matching clutches and bracelets.

Sunglasses, home office decor, pillows, furry pom-poms, beaded bracelets in every style you can think of and more!


My favorite new arrival has to be this amazing slinky-looking bracelet that brings back childhood memories. To wear, just slip it on your wrist and then fold the coils to one side:


Here I am modeling the slinky bracelet with my chunky gold-tone necklace and Noellery aquamarine ring:

So, that is just a small taste of what you will discover when you step through the doors of Noellery!

In other news, I went on assignment to scout out new looks at the fourth annual Cherry Bombe Jubilee co-founded by my brother-in-law’s superstar sister Kerry Diamond. This bi-annual event is all about women, food and style. Walking around the marketplace I was struck by the inventive and beautiful jewelry worn by the participants. Check out the lively yellow dangly earrings and jewelry ensemble below:


Accessorizing for these women is all about individuality and wearing your favorite pieces. On the left, the lady paired a college sweatshirt with a rhinestone choker and double rhinestone earrings. On the right you can see how this woman chose a layered statement necklace with a black shirt and denim jacket.


The woman below showed off her unique necklace made of mixed metals, rhinestones and folded paper. Such a unique look.


Speaking of unique looks, I was out with my girlfriends for sushi and wore some of my new Noellery jewelry: dangling octagon earrings and a shiny cuff bracelet mixed with some other items I already own.

One a separate occasion, this time on a date with a man I was trying to impress, I paired brand new pearl/rhinestone dangle earring jackets with a David Yurman lookalike pendant necklace and a dazzling statement bracelet.

Noel herself chose this look for me and all the people working at Noellery are incredibly helpful at finding jewelry looks for any occasion. While the date didn’t end up going anywhere long-term, the same cannot be said for these lovely accessories which I will wear time and again.

xoxo, Sally J. 

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