Why Should You Stack Your Rings?

For the past 17 years of my life, I have worn 1 ring every day on my right ring finger. It is the Elsa Peretti Open Heart Ring for Tiffany’s. Every once in a while, I throw on a statement ring to add some extra zing to my rings and it is super easy to place another ring on another finger.

Then the stacking ring trend came out. 

With most trends, I am a late adopter because I want to see if it will stick around and then I dive right in. I was slowly coming around and things were solidified when I became obsessed with this store. In November, we did an interview with Noel for my blog and I realized stacking rings was her signature and go to jewelry styling. She has great Instagram posts about stacking your rings showcasing different product. So for the photoshoot, I gave it a try. We overloaded our fingers and it felt super cool to be making a statement on what we use the most – our hands. I already had rings that varied in sizing at home because my fingers range from a 4.5 to a 6.5 so I tested the waters before purchasing anymore. Then recently, I stopped by the store and picked up even more fun and modern rings to layer.

What is fun about stacking your rings is that there isn’t a correct way to do it. You could go the dainty route and only put a few thinner ones. You could go the statement route and just put all the big hippie rock star rings you own on. Or you could do a mix and just be you. Not to mention it is the perfect distraction from a lack of manicure or chipped nail polish. Speaking of chipped nail polish if you go super rocker with it - chipped nail polish might be quite the statement.

Fashion can sometimes be a little crazy. Instead of investing a lot of time and money into changing your whole wardrobe, add a little fun to your fingers by stacking your rings.  Get a little funky and be creative with your jewelry. The worst thing can happen is you take it off.

So stop in to Noellery to try on all of our rings and trust us, people will be fawning over your fingers in no time.

*Photos provided by Love Your Light Photos. 

xoxo, Jenna F. 

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