Winter Fashion at Noellery

It's that time of year again when the days become shorter and the nights longer, where we start saying goodbye to Autumn and hello to Winter. We have a few weeks left to enjoy the Autumn weather, which is frighteningly warmer than usual but if you have been a New Jersey resident for quite some time, you know how brutal our winters can be. To prepare for the cold that is to come, we are listing some warm but fashionable items that you can pick up at Noellery this holiday season.

Pom Pom Hats

If you've noticed the trends that are showing up for this winter season, you'll know that pom pom hats are one of the most wanted and worn items! Here at Noellery, we have so many to choose from that we are sure you'll find a style you like. 

In this photo, one of our beautiful models is rocking a red Pom Rope Patterned Hat. The vibrancy of the red will make anyone wearing it stand out in a crowd. Its fabric is soft and durable, not like the ones you'd buy from a fast fashion store. You could dress it up with an Adrien Cushion Ring that will match the hat for that extra accented red or dress it down with some Hoop Earrings for that casual vibe. Whichever way you wear it, we know you'll be looking fabulous. 


 Faux Fur Vests

The next winter items are faux fur vests. This is probably one of our favorites because it's so versatile and looks amazing on everyone. On this beautiful model, you can see how effortless her look is because of the added vest. There are many different colors and styles exclusively at Noellery's brick and mortars in Jersey City and Hoboken. To make the outfit versatile from day to night; pair it with a black hat and booties for the day and at night, change up the shoes for some heels and our popular thread wrapped ball earrings (shown below) to give your outfit some oomph! 


Dainty Sparkles/Statment pieces

Looking for some dainty jewelry to match your holiday outfit or new year's gown, we've got them! Below, our model is holding a glittery clutch that will make any holiday outfit pop. Glitter has always been a beautiful winter trend and one that we're hoping never goes out of style. Is your outfit already extravagant and you're looking for jewelry that will decorate you rather than create a statement, check out our Criss Cross ring shown below. Or if you're one to go all out and want to be seen, check out these beautiful marble oval earrings (found in store). Your style is important to us and we know this holiday season, we can help you find what you're looking for.


Last but definitely not least, are scarves. Finding the right scarf to match your outfit can be difficult but Noellery makes it easy. If you like scarves with tassels, our Snake Square Jacquard Tassel Scarf is one we totally recommend. We are also awing over these beautiful Fur Wrap Cape Scarves, which come in two colors, black & Ivory and will make any holiday photo extra sassy. Big scarves your thing to make your outfit more interesting, we also have those located in our brick and mortars. Be sure to tag us on Instagram in photos with your Noellery goodies, we'd love to repost and show some love. 

 If you're still looking for some inspiration on how to wear all of these items, check out some photos from our winter lookbook below. Thanks so much for stopping by, we hope to see you soon for holiday shopping! 

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